Saturday, May 19, 2012

Something That I Miss

I miss the beaches on Cape Cod and all my friends that I knew down there that I very rarely get to see on a regular bases anymore.

My Views On Mainstream Music

I like mainstream music. Although I also like to listen to older kinds of music when I am in the mood. But usually I like to listen to popular music or music that is recently new.

How Important I think My Education Is

Very important because when I get older I want people to look back and see that I have done very well in school. It is a high priority for me to get excellent grades, that way I can get a good job for when I am older.

My Earliest Memory

My earliest memory was going to a indoor ice skating rink with my mom while Jed was at school and I wasn't in school yet. 

My Favorite Movie

My favorite movie would probably be between Shutter Island or Fight Club. If I had to choose one I would choose Shutter Island because it has a very deep mystery story, while it still had a good story line to it.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Someone In History I Would Want To Eat With

I would want to meet Babe Ruth. Even though he played for the Yankees he also played for the Red Sox at one time and I think it would be very interesting to talk about his baseball career and just to actually meet a famous baseball player. I would eat a well done steak with mash potatoes and some green beans with a caesar salad on the side. 

What Superpower Would I Pick If I Could

I would pick to be able to go invisible. It would be very cool to go invisible because then you could be able to be somewhere and no one would ever no your there. It would be a very cool superpower to have. You would be able to spy on people if you really wanted to and no one would ever no anything of it.